Between concept and craft, a desire to create a world.

An achromic universe, where the absence of colours make way for nuance: white, ivory, faint beige…

A tactile world where the hand touches and the mind wanders. 
A space, free of social constraints, leaving time for the rediscovery of our inner humanity.

I give time to the material, open a dialogue with it,
creating harmony between texture and touch.
I am guided by the thousand possibilities offered by the life flowing freely through my medium.

My work questions our relationship to alterity: the other, the unknown, the different.

Observe the emotions that burst forth, unfold, take up space.
 Submit to the lull of that which is born in the depths of intimacy.
Enter a world that is at once palpable and invisible.
In the space that emerges between themselves and the work, viewers have the opportunity to take an active role in their relationship to the other: person, space, time, universe.
A tactile and emotional experience between the fibres and the inner self.

To abandon the external for a time. To dive into sensation, nuance, surprise. To allow the work to expose intimacy.

My choice to use natural, environmentally friendly fibres is a manifesto for a more just world where there is room for poetry and freedom.

Freedom to plumb the depths of a material, to delve into the essence of an intimate relationship between artist, work and viewer.

/ 2020

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